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Healthy Eating

Meals and Snacks

This setting regards snack and meal times as an important part of the setting's session/day. Eating represents a social time for children and adults and helps children to learn about healthy eating.  

At snack and meal times, we aim to provide nutritious food, which meets the children's individual dietary needs. We provide nutritious food at all meals and snacks, avoiding large quantities of saturated fat, sugar and salt and artificial additives, preservatives and colourings. 

We use meal and snack times to help children to develop independence through making choices and feeding themselves. 

 Menus of lunchtime meals are available on the school website

We have fresh drinking water constantly available for the children.  We inform the children about how to obtain the water and that they can ask for water at any time during the session/day.

Guidelines for Packed Lunches

 Keep it safe

  •  Use an insulated coolbag and ice pack placed on top as cool air will sink to the bottom.
  • Choose a coolbag that is just large enough to carry a lunchbox, drink and icepack – under filled bags will not work as well.
  • Please place the coolbag on our lunch trolley. We will store this in a cool space, away from strong sunlight and other heat sources. (We do have a limited amount of fridge space where we can store lunchboxes that are not insulated.) 

Keep it Healthy

 Foods chosen should be quick and easy to eat.

  • Young children especially like individual portions.
  • Sandwiches are a quick and easily prepared mainstay of most packed lunches, but rice, pasta, potatoes and couscous are good alternatives.
  • Inevitably children may want something sweet in their lunchbox. However we would also ask that you also try to include some fruit/salad/vegetables in their lunchbox.