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Foundation 1 is open to all children aged between 2 years 9 months and 5 years of age. Places are allocated according to the Admissions Policy.

Children are able to start the term of their third birthday, thus there are three intakes each year. Most children are allocated their chosen sessions, however places may be limited during the Summer term when Foundation 1 is at its most full.  In the Autumn term the older children move onto school allowing the remaining children to change their sessions if they so wish.


There are a limited number of 2 year old places available. Please contact the setting for further information.

Enrolment and Contracts


By enrolling your child in St Wilfrid’s Foundation Stage Unit parents undertake:

  •  To pay fees promptly. Arrears after 4 weeks, without prior agreement with the administrator, will result in a child no longer being able to attend the Foundation Stage Unit until the account is cleared. No refund can be made in respect of sessions booked for which the child is absent. 
  • Fees are invoiced each month and are payable within two weeks.    The invoices are emailed where possible or posted home each month.  Fees can be paid by cash, bank transfer, cheque or childcare vouchers. Each child is issued with a plastic wallet for all monies and remittance slips. This wallet is returned and placed into the F.S.1 payment box, located by the bookbags. 
  • Not to remove your child from Pre-School without giving one half-term’s notice in writing or paying a half-term’s fees in lieu of such notice.

Should you wish to enrol your child in St Wilfrid's Pre School please download the Application Form and return for the attention of Mrs C Brand, Pre School Administrator.

 Pre School Application Form