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About Us

St Wilfrid’s Pre School provides quality learning experiences for all children. 

We are conveniently situated for Hartford, Greenbank, Davenham, Kingsmead, Barnton and Northwich.

We are located within the premises of St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School and  operate as part of the Foundation Stage Unit, which is based within three large classrooms and can accommodate children aged from 2 yrs 10 mths to 5 yrs.

We have an excellent outdoor play facility which is shared with the Reception classes.  This facility has been continually developed to provide an excellent learning environment.

Pre School and Reception staff work very closely together throughout the Foundation Stage Unit making for a smooth transition from Pre School into School.


Session Times

Morning Session                      9.00 am -   11.30 am

Morning & Lunch Session         9.00 am -   12.30 pm

Lunch Session                         11.45 am -   12.45 pm

Lunch & Afternoon Session     11.40 am  -   3.15  pm

Afternoon Session                  12.45 pm  -   3.15  pm

All Day                                     9.00 am  -  3.15  pm